Tryptamine | Scott Selkirk Collaboration

Tryptamine  | Scott Selkirk collaboration

Tryptamine | Scott Selkirk collaboration

This piece is a collaboration with the artist Scott Selkirk. It was completed in December, 2016.

I met Scott at the old Blender Studios in Melbourne CBD. Scott had a space close to mine. He's a great sculptor who puts many hours into his detailed pieces. While we were at Blender Studios, we spoke a few times about collaborating on something. It was a few years since I moved to another studio and I hadn’t seen Scott in a while, so I was happy to get a call from him about working together on something.

Scott had glued together a few layers of MDF then carved out a sculpture with a router. He spent hours sanding it smooth and coating it. When he dropped it off it was white. He gave me free reign to add colour however I wanted. I tried to use contrasting colours to help accentuate the curves, dips and rises in the organic shapes. The flow of the sculpture has similarities to parts of my painting style. I found it very fun to paint. I used One Shot enamel sign writing paint. It's so thick and shiny that it gave an almost plastic appearance to the sculpture.

This piece is currently hanging in Scott's studio. If you are interested in purchasing please contact me.