Floating | Dandenong Road

Floating | Image captured by p1xels

Roughly 40 meters long, this piece was commissioned by VicRoads to help brighten an ugly stretch of wall space. Located where Dandenong road crosses the Sandringham train line, near the corner of Chapel street.

The concept of the design grew naturally from humble beginnings. This space was a battle ground between graffiti bombers and graffiti cleaners. They would paint it grey then wait for it to get trashed and repeat. As the wall was such a popular canvas for graffiti writers, I thought the best direction to take would be to paint some intricate graffiti pieces. I proposed the idea to Vic Roads that I would select several prominent graffiti artists who were prolific in the area and that together we would paint graffiti pieces from one end to the other. Whilst they liked this concept, they were not yet ready to hand control over to the very artists they had been locked in a battle for space with. They were more interested in getting a single piece of artwork that spanned the length of the wall with continuity of style. To their credit, they gave me a lot of artistic freedom and I really enjoyed painting this piece.

I painted it on my own over a few days. This piece is about movement. The strange dance a graffiti artist performs while standing alone with a brick wall as the audience. Strange glowing forms, that softly float yet aggressively plunge through space at the same time. I have been told by many people that they see dragons in the shapes.