Sunroof | South Melbourne Markets

Sunroof  | Image captured by  p1xels

Sunroof | Image captured by p1xels

The South Melbourne Market have been supporting local artists for many years now. They feature lots of walls in and around the market painted by many different artists. To help celebrate the 150 year anniversary of the market, three artists; Cam Scale, Knock and myself where commissioned to add some new works to brighten up a few spaces.

I  thought it would be a great idea to paint the ceiling above the stairs at the entrance of the market. Visions of the sistine chapel came to mind as I gazed upwards.

The walls and ceiling are corrugated tin with many beams and pipes to paint over. This meant that painting something intricate in the 2 days allocated was out of the question. The space was also extremely hard to access. I squeezed a massive boom lift into the space at the bottom of the stairs then carefully manoeuvred my self into position.

I have to thank the good people at the market for being so nice to me even after I managed to knock over a tin of paint with the boom. The bright colours definitely add a lot of warmth to the entrance. I thought the many windows gave the space the appearance of a greenhouse, hence the vines.