ft. Sleekone87 | Highpoint

High Point  | Image captured by  p1xels.

High Point | Image captured by p1xels.

Out at knife point... I mean Highpoint. I think this was the first no letter abstraction where I went all in. This wall is massive. We buffed the whole thing chrome with my Airless Spray Gun. Then I sprayed the shapes for my abstract movement piece and Skeeko's graffiti piece with my black house paint. After that, I just chose a colour palette then ran around adding bursts of colour wherever I deemed necessary.

I had a plan for the moon/circle background and the rough shape of the beast but the rest is all instinct and intuition. This piece helped get me excited about the process again. Sometimes I stagnate when repeating the same strokes over and over again.

This is one of my favourite paintings.