Bodriggy Brewing Co. | Abbotsford

Bodriggy Brewing Co  | Image Captured by  p1xels

Bodriggy Brewing Co | Image Captured by p1xels

This is the interior of the Bodriggy Brewing Company, in Abbotsford, Melbourne that I painted with Mic Porter. I was lucky enough to be given the use of a massive art space to work in with Michael Porter. The guys at Bodriggy Brewing Co.made it happen.

The building held some history for me; there was a piece by Mic and I from 15 years ago still lingering on the side, and a rooftop by me from 10 years ago is kicking on. It seemed fitting that we ended up spending so much time in there making artwork for our exhibitions.

As a thank you for letting us use the space, Mic and I painted the whole interior of the warehouse. This is a shot of me working away to give you an idea of scale. We are no longer in the space, they’re currently building a brewery and bar/venue there. It looks like it's going to be a great spot for a beer, with a retractable roof for summer.