Overspray | Album Art


I had a few hair brained plans about the title and artwork for the album cover. It was Retainer who said we need to keep it simple. The words Over Spray had been tossed around and he suggested it as the title. It was perfect - because when you're painting you get over spray on everything. It’s also another way of saying that we were over spray painting. At least until we got the album done.

It’s as if we are saying our graffiti art has tainted this music; the dust of our artwork has settled onto the beats.

It actually it has many meanings; the music is the bi-product of our lifestyles, it is the over spray not the main work itself, it also implies imperfection. As we'd settled on the title, the idea came to me to have a spray can on the front. I thought it would be interesting to make it look like an x-ray shot, so you could see the guts of the can. The brain behind the artwork, the inner workings. I thought we could have two colours of paint inside, separate, fighting for space. Yet when the nozzle of the can is pressed only one colour will come out. This represents the two artists; blue Bailer, red Retainer. Each bringing their own style to the project but working together to create one sound. The red and blue colours could be used again and again. I had a photographer take the shots of the spray can sitting on black perspex and the ink and nozzles. Then I put it all together in photoshop.

The colours are just food dye dripped into a glass of swirling water. I love this image.