Mural | Ripponlea

Ripponlea  | Image captured by  p1xels

Ripponlea | Image captured by p1xels

This wall used to have some really classic 80's graffiti on it - Dream and a few others. In the late 90's it got capped, so some friends and I repainted the whole thing. I've painted it again a few times and had been meaning to redo it for a long time since. I finally got around to it. I was walking past and had a chat to the owner who told me he was thinking the same thing. So the timing was perfect.

This time I wanted to use the space properly and paint it on my own.

Continuing on the abstraction of the graffiti form without lettering. Like a giant alien tentacle made from arrows and elements pulled from a graffiti piece.

I should have kept the painting to black, blue and red. I got carried away and added a few more colours. I think it still works but not quite as well. Sometimes it's hard to stop when you should.