Elephant Mural | Abbotsford

The Elephant Mural


I've know Mike for many a year - we've painted and partied together on many occasions. Makatron is a legend. He seems to know everybody, everywhere you go.

It had been a while since we'd painted together and I don't think we've ever done anything of this scale with just the two of us. His friend was renovating a house that he had bought and wanted something from the psychedelic world inside Makatron's mind to decorate the brick wall.

Maka had a plan to paint a city on the back of a steampunk/robot elephant walking through water. He wanted me to add some plant life in my signature style. This was no problem for me as painting some twisted tentacle tree root is just as fun for me as painting a piece. I kind of treat the image as though it's graffiti without letter form; still giving it the same kicks and arrows I would a normal graffiti piece.

The thing that makes this mural so effective as a whole is the colour change up. Everything below the water line is painted in a darker version of the aqua colour used to paint the water. No black - apart from a little transparent. Maka is great with colours so I just got to work filling in.

The mural only took us a couple of days. One to prep, buff the wall and sketch up the design and another to get stuck into it. It was great painting with Maka, we have a very similar approach when tackling large scale murals. Hopefully we can do something bigger and better together this year. 

Image captured by p1xels.

I treat the image as though it’s graffiti without letter form; still giving it the same kicks and arrows