Underpass Project | CBD

Underpass Project | Captured by p1xels


Dean Sunshine organised this big jam of local artists to paint two large sections of wall trackside near Flinders Street station. I organised one side and Dvate was in charge of the other. Was great to get to paint this spot in the day time. It used to have some nice burners on it before the Commonwealth Games million-dollar, grey buffing spree that no one wanted. We had a great line up; Scale, Duke, Mayo, Ling, Ghetto, Putos, Marine, Ghost, Shame and Heesco. All painting really nice work.

I got to do my section with good buddy Mayo. He did one of his signature Caligraffiti Mandalas. His piece was like the setting sun and my graffiti tentacle shape weirdness was curving like a tsunami in front of it. Curling into the centre.

It looks nice from the train.

Image captured by @p1xels