Bailer's Music

I've been into hip hop music since I was a kid. In the late '90s and early '00s there was a resurgence in popularity for the whole culture locally. My friends and I would freestyle at parties and battle other MC's. I started to enter Battles and MC competitions. I won my first battle Run Amuk in 2002 and placed in others, including Double Beef and Revolver MC. I won the Big Day Out comp in front of a few thousand people and that was a laugh. I used to win because I practiced free-styling every opportunity I could. I would go into the contests sober as a judge with an intelligent outlook and run circles around inebriated opponents.    
After I was cut and stabbed with a few broken bottles multiple times in a street fight, I began to drink more and become aggressive. This projection of aggressive behaviour that I used as a shield to never be a victim again affected all aspects of my life. I would go into battles drunk and get punchy. I pulled away from rapping and focused on painting. Still writing rhymes but not doing anything productive with them. Years later when I had managed to drag myself out of the pit of despair down which I had hurtled, I decided to record some music. I did a few verses on friend's albums then recorded an album with Retainer called Over Spray. We made a film clip, I designed the cover art and we performed the album at various venues. Since Over Spray I have made a few songs and clips. Once I finish the book I am working on I hope to get back into music and try to get heard.
Bale & Retainer - This Show Ain't No Good
Bale & Retainer - The Script
Bale & Retainer - Snake Eyes
Bale & Retainer - All Things 2

Bale & Retainer - What Were You Expecting

Bale & Retayner - Overspray